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martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010


Nota: Este es el mensaje 9 de la Serie “EL DESASTRE DEL GOLFO DE MÉXICO” en la que se presentan artículos con base en evidencias objetivas sobre las desastrozas consecuencias del Estallido del Pozo del Golfo de México del 20 de Abril de 2010, y la verdad ocultada sobre su verdadero propósito, la manera en que fue provocado y por quién, la razón criminal de utilizar los dispersantes más tóxicos para la vida marina y humana y la falsedad de haber cancelado el peligro de el estallido de una enorme burbuja de gas metano que afectará a todo el Golfo y amplias áreas de ambas riveras del Río Misisipi, peligro inevitable que sigue vigente y creciendo.

La serie es en homenaje a los hermanos cetáceos, quienes en su mensaje de despedida*  nos dicen que han decidido irse porque al contaminar el mar se ha destruido su casa, su lugar de reproducción y de vida. Nos dicen que pocos humanos están en conciencia de creer que el evento del Pozo fue realizado por la oscuridad para destruirlos a ellos, y así terminar con los más importantes proveedores de Luz para Gaia, la Madre Tierra. Gracias hermanos cetáceos, seres avanzados maravillosos, estarán siempre en nuestro corazón.
(*) verlo en este blog.

Se presenta este artículo de inmediato en inglés por lo trascendental de sus revelaciones y argumentos; en cuanto esté traducido será sustituido por la versión en español. 

Por concernedcitizensofflorida Traducción EN PROCESO Julio 7, 2010

MOTHER EARTH Wisdom as an Extension of the GAIA Principle
Dr. James Lovelock, an independent scientist and environmentalist from the UK, first advanced the Gaia Hypothesis back in the 1960’s to the acclaim of a few and the derision of many. To a great extent, this exquisite and beautiful notion of our planet Earth being a much more “intelligent and self-regulating organism” was ignored, and at considerable peril to humankind. So profound and fundamental an understanding is the GAIA Principle to all that happens here, we can no longer pretend She doesn’t exist. Here’s why:
“In James Lovelock’s 2006 book, The Revenge of Gaia, he argues that the lack of respect humans have had for Gaia, through the damage done to rainforests and the reduction in planetary biodiversity, is testing Gaia’s capacity to minimize the effects of the addition of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This eliminates the planet’s negative feedbacks and increases the likelihood of homeostatic positive feedback potential associated with runaway global warming. Similarly the warming of the oceans is extending the oceanic thermocline layer of tropical oceans into the Arctic and Antarctic waters, preventing the rise of oceanic nutrients into the surface waters and eliminating the algal blooms of phytoplankton on which oceanic food chains depend. As phytoplankton and forests are the main ways in which Gaia draws down greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, taking it out of the atmosphere, the elimination of this environmental buffering will see, according to Lovelock, most of the earth becoming uninhabitable for humans and other life-forms by the middle of this century, with a massive extension of tropical deserts.” (per Wikipedia)
This is certainly not meant to be an exercise in discussing the merits of the global warming or global cooling or climate change debate. It is only presented as a wake up call as to why the Gulf of Mexico is currently filling up with oil. You see, there is a liberal extension or corollary to the GAIA thesis, which we will call MOTHER EARTH Wisdom, that goes like this:
Not only is Mother Earth an extremely efficient ecosystem, She is also a living, breathing, conscious organism not too unlike us human beings. Being highly intelligent, She is forever careful to keep Herself and Her children out of harm’s way. In fact, She has evolved many ingenious ways of protecting and maintaining the biosphere in order that life may continue to thrive, even in the face of extraordinary, manmade environmental degradation. Surely, the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) has challenged Her to stretch and expand in ways that demonstrate awesome transformative powers. As we continue to move through the last phase of the Galactic Creation Cycle, en route to the Universal Creation Cycle preordained by Mayan Calendrics, GAIA will continue to wow us in many captivating and impressive ways. Quite skillful and didactic drama is, after all, one of Her greatest specialties.
According to Mother Earth Wisdom, She actually manifests an analog for each and every part of the human body. She has her own kind of organs and tissues and cells, even whole organ systems. She possesses a profoundly well developed nervous system and skeletal system, among others. Like the human body, She utilizes many different types of fluids to carry out the myriad functions that keep Her detoxed and healthy. We might be interested to know that she “sweats” via rivers and lakes and streams, as beads of perspiration pool on Her body and are efficiently carried off.
GAIA’s hair, of course, is constantly being clear-cut by you know who. And Her breath we know full well, especially here on the Gulf Coast. She has a pulse known as the Schumann Resonance that is curiously on the way from 7.8 to 14.3. And a bio-magnetic field that has been weakening at an alarming rate for the past 150 years. Gaia even has meridians (as per Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture) that run throughout Her entire being identified as ley lines. Her integumentary system or skin, which we walk, run and drive on, is known as the Earth’s crust. As a supremely kind and compassionate being, She is very loving and capable of the greatest acts of self sacrifice. So sensitive are Her feelings that she can even feel the footsteps of an ant.
El Espíritu de GAIA, la Madre Tierra
Of course, where there is a circulatory system there is also blood. And in the case of GAIA we have been steadily draining Her blood, which we all know as OIL. She has quite generously made multi-decade donations of this precious resource, Her lifeblood, but She can no longer sustain the accelerating rate of donations. Her sacred Heart, or Earth’s core, has been aching for some time now. She only asks that humanity will become silent long enough to listen to Her heartbeat, as this vital sign will tell us much about her health, and therefore much about our current state of wellness as a race.

As the planet approaches a population of 7 billion, the demand for hydrocarbon fuels simply can no longer be met. For many extremely significant and obvious reasons, including the viability of the human race, the sustainability of clean environments and balanced ecosystems, as well as the longevity of the oil & gas supply in the face of “Peak Oil”, this obsolete energy paradigm must be replaced. And GAIA has been alerting us for many years, if not decades, by way of oil spills, pipeline ruptures, oil tanker sinkings (there have been many unreported on the high seas), refinery explosions, and now an undersea oil volcano.
The “Global Blood Bank” (read oil companies), in their zeal to draw Her blood anywhere and everywhere to satisfy an ever-growing demand, has made some very grave errors. Nothing is more startling than when there is blood in the water. It can really be quite shocking. Well, guess what? We have blood in the water! A 22,500 to 30,000+ foot needle (the phlebotomist won’t tell us how long) was inserted into GAIA’s vein and caused a rupture. Maybe even severed an artery! When an undersea oil volcano has become a 4 million gallon plus per day gusher (BP’s concession), and it sits on top of an oil field estimated at hundreds of millions of barrels of blood, or rather oil, the true emergency facing the hemisphere, as well as the planet, begins to come into focus.
The EMT’s employed by BP are really trying everything. However, they (BP and the entire Oil & Gas Industry) have been warned time and time again to no avail. She’s bleeding because it is the only way that the community of nations will finally get it. When the loop current in the Gulf begins to pick up the oil, it will bring it down the west coast of Florida and around the peninsula over to the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream will then carry it up the Eastern Seaboard, whereupon it will eventually find its way into the Seven Seas. We will then have a global drama of epic proportions to observe and ponder.
What will we do this time? Allow BP to eventually stanch the hemorrhaging, and then go back to business as usual? We don’t think so. The prophets of doom will finally be heard this time. Yes, their day has finally come and somebody, somewhere, better be listening. And listening very, VERY carefully.
GAIA’s day of healing and rejuvenation has arrived at long last!
Dr. TomTermotto

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