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jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010


Nota: Este es el mensaje 10 de la Serie “EL DESASTRE DEL GOLFO DE MÉXICO” en la que se presentan artículos con base en evidencias objetivas sobre las desastrosas consecuencias del Estallido del Pozo del Golfo de México del 20 de Abril de 2010, y la verdad ocultada sobre su verdadero propósito, la manera en que fue provocado y por quién, la razón criminal de utilizar los dispersantes más tóxicos para la vida marina y humana y la falsedad de haber cancelado el peligro de el estallido de una enorme burbuja de gas metano que afectará a todo el Golfo y amplias áreas de ambas riveras del Río Misisipi, peligro inevitable que sigue vigente y creciendo.
La serie es en homenaje a los hermanos cetáceos, quienes en su mensaje de despedida*  nos dicen que han decidido irse porque al contaminar el mar se ha destruido su casa, su lugar de reproducción y de vida. Nos dicen que pocos humanos están en conciencia de creer que el evento del Pozo fue realizado por la oscuridad para destruirlos a ellos, y así terminar con los más importantes proveedores de Luz para Gaia, la Madre Tierra. Gracias hermanos cetáceos, seres avanzados maravillosos, estarán siempre en nuestro corazón.
(*) Verlo en este blog.

Se presenta este artículo de inmediato en inglés por lo trascendental de sus revelaciones y argumentos; en cuanto esté traducido será sustituido por la versión en español. 

Por BK Lim – Traducción EN PROCESO – Publicado el 14 –Noviembre-2010

Secret Chemical Spraying at Macondo has not ceased since official well shutdown on 15 July. Photos document oily fluid all over the seafloor

More Pictures at end of Text
The MC 252 well has been officially shut since 15 July (BP’s press release and website announcement). As late as Sept 2010, the world was still publicly assured that the bottom kill by the relief wells was the surest and most reliable way of permanently killing the oil leak from the reservoir. BP and Thad Alan publicly declared the rogue well was “successfully and permanently” cemented at 18,000 ft below mudline (bml) by the relief wells that started unannounced on 15 Sept 2010. Is this just empty rhetoric and part of BP’s elaborate Mass Deception Act?

First of all, please be informed that the oil leak from the reservoir was never killed and could never be killed. The late Matt Simmons paid with his life to bring us that message. And the world repaid him with words of ridicule in technical blogs around the world.
Peak oiler, energy blogger, and chemical engineer Robert Rapier has published a seriesof critical evaluations of Simmons’ work, the most recent of which was published — of all places (!) — inThe Oil Drum website. The TOD article takes a close look at some of Simmons’ recent statements about the oil spill in the Gulf. A careful reader will come away with the clear conclusion that Simmons’ credibility is in tatters, blowing in the breeze. Only the truest of Simmons true believers in TOD comments persists in defending the recent incredible and fantastic statements that Simmons had made to the press.
~~~~end of quote ~~~~~~~~
We have been lied to, through and through. It is very obvious why the activities (besides ramming up the recovery costs to capitalize on the idling rigs) did not decrease after the official “shut down date of 15 July”. The gas-oil spill continues unabated till this day. The capping of well A was just a “dog & pony show” to fool the world. There is a constant need to spray chemicals to disperse and to coagulate the oil and methane leaking into the gulf, to cover up the magnitude of the disaster.
The deception is obvious when BP had to disguise the chemical spraying operations as “Cement OPS” and “Rig Move”; inspection of the grouted seafloor as “biological survey” and intended explosion operations as “gooseneck ops” just to name a few. Any seasoned viwer can tell that these ROV videos are not recording what the label says. Why is the US government still in denial and the main media completely silent? The official spin is that we do not need anymore bad news to derail the financial recovery. This is just as bad as Burma’s Generals with their chests full of fake medals. (See  Burma Bummer – by Dean Johns). Would a few more disasters spur the economy?
Admittedly, one crow does not make a new sun rise. But tens of concrete evidences of criminality and still no prosecution? People of the humane First World were shocked by the immense sufferings and atrocities committed by the authoritarian regimes of Burma, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Somalia and many other 3rd world countries. Powerful first world countries are unwilling to act for various political and economic reasons. But genocide being carried by a foreign multi-national corporation right in the backyard of the world’s most powerful nation and blatantly ignored by the world’s mainstream media? What the heck is going on? Does the world not care a single bit on the mass destruction of the marine life and condemnation of whole coastal communities to a future life of pain and suffering? And we call ourselves civilized?
Capping the well and bottom-killing it with relief wells were the wrong moves. See The High Risk Of Capping BP’s Gushing Well. Despite sending them all the emails and copies of my articles, BP and those in control never responded and never listened. Now we are living out a mega-disaster with urgency as the worst is yet to come.
The evidences at hand clearly debunk that hollow premature victory cry on 19 Sept10. Would BP admit defeat at the hands of Mother Nature? No. Keeping with the same reckless spirit that drove the Macondo Wells to destruction and disaster, BP is now speeding the world into an irreversible ecological catastrophe; one that will start us on the express highway to the eventual destruction of world civilization. Not the planet itself, as Mother Earth is more resilient than the human beings renting the living accommodation on its land surface.
The images of mass destruction and deception in the Gulf are brought to you by concerned citizens of the world. See for yourself, the future of this planet flashing before your eyes in the comfort of your living room. You have been forewarned. In generations to come, you have to answer to your children why nothing had been done to avert their untold miseries.
(Pictures are updated from time to time in no particular order …last update 13 Nov 2010).
9 Nov10
9 Nov10
9 Nov 10

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